About Divine Carpet Cleaning

Divine Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to providing top tier cleaning solutions our clients in both Clark and Nye Counties. Each of our technicians have been trained to identify any issues your surfaces may have and guide you through the process to ensure we satisfying all options to make your experience with us more than positive

You'll look far and wide but never find a carpet cleaning company more dedicated to your needs than Divine Carpet Cleaning.

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What You Get

Anyone can clean your carpets, but with Divine Carpet Cleaning you can rest assured that you are receiving the best service from the most accomplished carpet cleaners in town. We know what’s best for the life of your carpet and plan on taking optimum care of it for years to come. Many of our clients have been using us for years and have come accustom to the personal honest approach that has become our trademark.

Our technicians wouldn't recommend any service that they wouldn't perform in they're own homes. That’s the Divine Difference, our can rest assured we really do care that your homes stays its cleanest for you and your family. We hope to take care of your surfaces for as long as you have them.